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The Delegatus Collective

Celebrating 15 years!

Published by Pascale Pageau, President and lawyer
June 22nd, 2020

Fifteen years ago, I started dreaming of a new, more agile business model.

A model that could make the most demanding business clients happy, while respecting the ambitions of freedom-hungry lawyers like me.

A unique model that would allow lawyers to become masters of their practice, while putting our clients at the centre of our concerns, giving them more for their money, with expertise, creativity and flexibility.

A win-win model that would finally give us all the right to be truly happy.

A model that would value success in our personal life as much as in our professional life.

Today we are blowing out 15 candles and I am extremely proud of what Delegatus has become and what it continues to become.

A huge thank you to all the lawyer-entrepreneurs, employees and clients of the Collective. It is thanks to each and every one of you that we are celebrating today!

Pascale Pageau, President and lawyer

Pascale Pageau is the founder, president and owner of Delegatus. She oversees a team of lawyers who specialize in complex litigation, high volume litigation, special projects such as investigations and documentary analysis, and due diligence.
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