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Sustainable Development Charter

Published by Delegatus
April 2nd, 2020

What if we could do better for the climate, for the planet, and also to make people freer and happier?

For us, a human-centred business model that allows us to be free and happy... while being closer to society, businesses, and people, that’s also what eco-responsibility is all about.

Because being eco-responsible means above all putting people at the centre of our concerns.

This is why we have built a business model whose purpose is “the right to be happy”.

This purpose has been around for quite some time now. Indeed, in 2005, we took the gamble of changing business practices with a more human and collaborative approach, without big egos or hierarchy, which favours entrepreneurship, freedom, balance, and collective strength. The vision was to create an innovative model that would make clients, lawyers, and employees happier.

It is in this spirit that last year, Delegatus participated in the Parcours Développement durable Montréal, an entrepreneurial journey initiated by the City, which also included a segment leading to the ECORESPONSIBLE TM Certification.

The “Parcours” offered twenty Montreal businesses a unique one-year coaching process aimed at helping them implement sustainable and inspiring business models and find innovative solutions for their company.

It is therefore with pride that we have achieved Level 1 of the ECORESPONSIBLE TM Certification – Commitment.

This certification is our commitment to remain true to our purpose, despite our growth. It means committing ourselves to constantly:

  • Create for our lawyer-entrepreneurs a collective that allows them to be 100% in control of their schedules, their clients, their lives, free from the pressure of hours or billing - a model that allows them to be free and happy by equipping themselves with the means to better succeed in their life and in life.
  • Create a healthy workplace environment for our employees, filled with respect, fun, autonomy, and opportunities, where they will be happy and actively contribute to the evolution of legal services.
  • Create simpler, more agile, strategic, and collaborative business relationships for our clients.

We want to continue to grow while maintaining our strong, humane, and collaborative culture. This certification allows us to keep focusing on our growth and the well-being of our people, while influencing the business world on the importance of human values and well-being in the workplace.

Click here to consult our Charter and our vision of the impact we want to create in the next decade.


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