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COVID-19: Facing the situation together

Published by Delegatus
March 17th, 2020
COVID-19: Facing the situation together

We are monitoring the situation closely and are taking measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We are maintaining our services and operations while reducing in-person interactions, in order to stop the virus from spreading.

Our priorities are to:
  • Preserve the health and safety of the members of our Collective, our clients and their loved ones, by recommending remote work.
  • Maintain the Collective’s services, with the same level of experience.
  • Promote cooperation and mutual support, in order to emerge from this situation stronger and more united.

At Delegatus, there is always someone to help you. With flexibility in order to address your business needs and specific situation, we have always offered high quality services, remotely or in person.

We are ready and we continue to serve you, while following the Quebec and Canadian government’s recommendations.

Here are some of the measures taken by Delegatus:
  • We strongly recommend that our employees and lawyers work from home, and encourage them to limit their movements, in Canada or abroad.
  • We are committed to providing you with the best service and the same experience in the coming weeks, but we wish to communicate and meet with you virtually or over the phone.
  • Every morning, we hold a virtual team meeting with our employees, in order to remain connected, discuss the situation and adjust.
  • We opened an online channel dedicated to our lawyers, to easily communicate around the clock, share, break the isolation and continue to leverage the Collective’s strength.
  • We continue to ensure the security of the information entrusted to us, by making sure that the members of our Collective are working on secure networks.
  • Our office remains open with restricted access, with reinforced sanitary measures. Rest assured, operations remain uninterrupted because the members of our Collective, legal professionals and employees alike, have the necessary tools and infrastructure to work from home.

We are committed, above all, to protecting everyone’s health and safety. As the situation evolves, we will implement the necessary measures to continue to offer our services while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones, and LET’S KEEP IN TOUCH! Let’s keep communicating and cheering each other up. It is important to help each other and keep our spirits up. We will come out of this situation stronger.

***The Delegatus – Lawyers Collective Team ***


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