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Confidentiality, privacy and cybersecurity

Protection of data: a crucial issue

All across the world, efforts are deployed to strengthen cybersecurity and to decrease risks of cyber attacks and invasion of privacy. This implies two direct consequences for your business:

  • The need to protect it against attacks or in case of attacks.
  • The evolution of complex legal provisions that govern the protection of personal and confidential information.
Our response to these challenges

These days, we no longer say: “If we are the victim of a cyberattack…”, but rather “When we are the victim of a cyberattack…”. Cyber criminality has already reached such proportions that protecting personal information is more important than ever. It is a huge responsibility for you.

Our experienced lawyers will speak with you and come up with the best strategies to implement, according to your reality:

Legal solutions tailored

to the challenges presented by the complex federal and provincial laws to protect personal information and data in Canada.

Global cybersecurity strategy

in accordance with your main objectives to prevent violations to rights regarding data privacy and to react to those that may occur.

Effective prevention measures

or reactions to a breach of confidential information or privacy.

Complete cyber risk management service

and intervention in case of incident:

  • Development of internal policies and procedures
  • Preparing intervention plans in case of a cyber incident
  • Cyber incident simulation tests.
Our lawyers who are specialized in the protection of confidential information and in cybersecurity are hardened attorneys who work with experts in technology, privacy, crisis and dispute management to advise you on all of the aspects related to cybersecurity.

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