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Corporate secretariat

Nowadays, businesses are subject to even stricter regulations in terms of governance. The role of the corporate secretariat is increaslingly demanding:

  • Public companies have strict rules to follow, decreed by regulatory authorities.
  • Private companies, inspired by the trend, are also beginning to implement structures similar to those of public companies, establishing various committees, such as audit, compensation and governance committees.
The solution to contend with demanding regulations

Our lawyers are happy to provide you with the support required to establish the best practices in the field, in partnership with your teams, according to the size of your company. We sat or currently sit on numerous boards of directors from public and private companies and on the boards of non-profit organizations. We bring a human touch and the necessary strategic analysis for the proper functioning of your business.

With us by your side, you will experience a sound company management:

Holding meetings with administrators and shareholders.

Preparing meeting minutes.

Drafting mandates describing committee obligations.

Drafting documents required by securities regulatory authorities, such as circulars and annual notices.

You can depend on our wealth of experience and expertise!

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