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Area of practice

Mergers and acquisitions

Business purchase, sale, transfer and merger

Call upon our team of lawyers who are experienced in mergers and acquisitions. They have a wealth of recognized experience in all types of transactions:

  • Purchase or sale of a business
  • Equity financing
  • Bank or private financing, by debt or debentures
  • Project financing
  • Partnership
  • Public-private partnership
  • Corporate restructuring

**They have mastered the mechanisms of specialized contracts: **

  • Calls for tender
  • Shareholders agreements and share purchase agreements
  • Construction and subcontracting contracts
  • Intellectual property licences
  • Trademark licences
  • Cessation of copyright
  • Supply
  • Product distribution or rental
  • Co-promotion and collaboration
  • Confidentiality
  • Consultation and management services
  • Franchise
  • Escrow
  • Mortgage and other types of guarantee, etc.

This multidisciplinary, passionate team represents Canadian clients in their international expansion as well as international clients for their projects within Canada:

  • Private companies
  • Publicly traded companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Crown corporations
  • Parastatal corporations
  • Investment funds: regional cross-border and international mergers and acquisitions.

Our lawyers will guide you through the drafting and revision of contracts and in the validation of contracts drafted externally. They are an inexhaustible resource for diligent verification prior to the sale of a business. Their judicious counsel is focused on results, you can be sure of that!

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