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Area of practice

Insurance law

No one wants to be sued. No one likes having to sue. And the costs that suing entails scarcely measure up to the benefits obtained. It is with full knowledge of this necessary evil that our insurance lawyers deploy their legal talents.

Our lawyers are the partners you need:

Project and budget managers.
Negotiators and strategists.
Observers and analysts.
Communicators, extension staff and diplomats.
Three-tier approach
  1. To represent you with talent and tact by being the guardians of your interests and your reputation.
  2. To manage all of your disputes thanks to their practical experience and the knowledge of industry players.
  3. To prevent disputes through the review and improvement of processes, through training and through the proximity of client teams.

Expert litigators and strategists, our lawyers act judiciously, sometimes pleading a case, sometimes opting for alternative conflict resolution methods.

Lawyers with great human and political qualities

These qualities make them precious partners to those you insure, your professionals and your teams. They are also adept at preparing witnesses. They are the proud representatives of your business before the courts and will be sure to reflect your values and reputation. Theatrics and ego wars? We’ll leave that to Hollywood.

The lawyers at Delegatus understand the issues and specificities of the insurance sector. They advise you, represent you and guide you in the following areas:

  • Drafting and analysis of insurance contracts
  • Legal opinion on the scope of guarantees and coverage
  • Evaluation and claims in property, personal insurance, damages and disasters
  • Cyber liability
  • Civil liability
  • Manufacturers’ liability
  • Transporters’ liability
  • Administrators’ and managers’ liability
  • Professional liability
  • Disciplinary law
  • Class action.

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