The Delegatus difference


We deliberately change the game with a visionary and flexible approach to business law. An approach that satisfies our entrepreneurial instinct and the needs of your challenging business reality.

Challenging the status quo

Since 2005, we have been dedicated to challenging the status quo, reinventing ways of doing things , and constantly evolving the practice of law.

It is possible to practice law better, so we do.

For you. For us. For the community.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Whatever your challenges, our legal professionals can advise you on how to achieve your business objectives. Our solutions are tailored to meet your evolving and growing business needs.

The lawyers, notaries, and paralegals in our collective can even work within your offices, ensuring that you always receive personalized support, genuine human interconnections, and unique proximity.

Experienced lawyers with diverse skills

Our professionals are well-selected for their human approach and business expertise. With an average of nearly 20 years of experience, they have worked in renowned law firms and corporations.

An approach tailored to your company’s reality

Our lawyers combine private practice experience with a deep understanding of the business world. As a result, they have developed a business-oriented perspective and strategic thinking. You will benefit from their legal expertise and business acumen.

Adaptable to your needs and budget

Thanks to our transparent cost structure, you will always be able to plan your expenses and stay within your budget. Our affordable rates, 30% to 50% lower than traditional large law firms, make our solutions and talents accessible to you.

Our objective: to continuously evolve legal services to your advantage

We have reimagined the experience, approach, legal solutions, and pricing to create a model that meets the needs of everyone: the client, the lawyer, and the community.

Our values

Our values influence our everyday life. They help us build, enjoy our work, define tomorrow’s practices, listen to our instincts, and succeed
We are rebellious, audacious and independent human beings

Different and proud to be

We value collaboration and the sharing of ideas, without hierarchy, titles, or status

As equals, without big egos

We enjoy contributing to the success of everyone by always giving our best

Dedicated to excellence

We aspire to let everyone decide how to balance their personal and professional life in their own way

Oddly balanced, free, and happy

We act to make a difference for our colleagues, clients, and the community

Determined to create an impact in the community

A unique culture

Our Culture book aims to crystallize our essence, so that we can grow while never losing sight of who we are, our purpose and the spark that ignited us: our quest for the right to be happy in the business world, for us and for you!

From an initial spark to collective success

Striving to achieve success in both her personal and professional life without compromising, Pascale Pageau challenged the status quo by creating a new legal model in 2005 that questioned the traditional model of business law firms.

This new structure satisfied not only the need for freedom felt by Pascale and her fellow lawyers but also the need for flexibility and agility of her clients. What began as a single spark has evolved into a collective of nearly 50 professional entrepreneurs.

And the story is far from over…

Learn more about the initial spark

The difference of our internal collaborators

At Delegatus, people are at the heart of everything. Everyone’s personal and professional aspirations are important. As proud team players and ambassadors of the Collectif, our internal collaborators offer entrepreneurs a human experience. Through personalized services, they facilitate entrepreneurs’ lives by helping them focus on their legal mandates while providing administrative support for cases management, billing, cybersecurity and business development.

Discover our administrative team

Business law.
Only better.

Delegatus: From Latin "delegare," meaning to delegate, entrust. We listen to your needs! Delegate your legal mandates and challenges to us with confidence, and you'll understand the Delegatus difference.