Litigation and dispute resolution

Conflicts can be a significant source of stress for your teams and pose reputational risks to your company. It is important to be skillfully guided through conflict resolution process, whether through traditional litigation methods or alternative dispute resolution, in order to maximize the success of the proceedings and help you achieve your objectives.

An experienced team to represent you

Our group of experienced professionals thoroughly handles your litigation cases. They negotiate skillfully at the right moment to settle your cases and achieve your goals. They are your allies in representing you before Quebec civil courts, administrative and regulatory tribunals, and federal courts.

We also recognize the strategic importance of sometimes resolving a case and avoiding the courts. When appropriate, we favor negotiated solutions that satisfy the parties involved and reduce the inconveniences associated with traditional judicial proceedings.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Your case is handled from beginning to end

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A strategic and human-centric approach

  • We advise you to prevent litigious situations and guide you effectively when the time comes to sue or defend yourself.
  • We develop skillful strategies to guide and represent you until the dispute is favorably resolved, either through a settlement or resolution before court.
  • We represent you with conviction, both as plaintiff and defendant, before the civil law courts and administrative tribunals.
  • We employ ingenuity and delicacy in questioning and preparing interrogations.

Legal support and strategic guidance for your cases

  • Commercial and civil litigation
  • Civil and professional liability
  • Administrative law and judicial review
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Securities litigation
  • Trademark and copyright disputes
  • Construction law
  • Real estate law
  • Defamation
  • Disciplinary law
  • And many more

Explore our advisory services for litigation management and internal investigations

The reputational and financial risks associated with litigation make managing them a priority, just like internal investigations to get an accurate picture of your cases. Minimize your risks and lighten the burden on your teams by calling on our professionals.

The Litigation and dispute resolution Team

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Find a legal professional