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Litigation management

Know where you stand… Optimize your risk management, operations and performance.

Know where you stand…

As the executive in charge of your organization’s legal affairs, knowing where you stand on litigation is a daily challenge. Legal and regulatory compliance, contractual relationships, transactions and business practices risk triggering legal disputes that can be expensive in terms of resources, time and money, if they are not well managed.

The key is having a clear and up to date picture of your litigation risks to know exactly where you stand.

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Litigation Management

  • Compilation, analysis and prioritization of litigation
  •  Strategic advice on top priority and high-risk matters
  • More accurate assessment of loss reserves for accounting purposes
  • Management and processing of demand letters
  •  Pre-court negotiation

Dispute prevention

  • Analysis of your business processes. Identification of the causes of recurring litigation and implementation of appropriate measures (e.g., internal training) to minimize such litigation
  • Implementation of a monitoring system to promptly settle disputes before filing of court proceedings, thus avoiding additional expenses and wasted time
  • Free up your internal resources so they can focus on their primary roles within the business

The Delegatus approach

Measurable benefits

An innovative service. Experienced lawyers who help you understand, manage and even prevent litigation generated by the commercial activity of your business.

Strategic: know when to act
Focus your resources on disputes that pose a material risk or a reputational threat for the business, such as recurring litigation and class actions.

Prevention: improve your performance
Reduce the number of active matters by eliminating business practices that cause recurrentbut often avoidable litigation.

Financial performance
Assess more accurately your loss reserves for accounting purposes and free up funds you can use elsewhere.

Practical results

Our cost-efficient structure provides you with more direct and personalized access to experienced counsel and results in fee savings of up to 50%, compared to large firms.

  • For a large Canadian public company, our litigation management team eliminated over 50% of the disputes recorded in the books, resulting in a reduced assessment of the loss reserve funds. These funds, which were significant for the company, could be allocated to more strategic needs.
  • After analyzing a client’s litigation files, we noticed that the majority resulted from ambiguous contractual clauses. We drafted new clauses that led to a considerable reduction in litigation, while decreasing the risk of unfavourable judgments in the event of legal proceedings.
  • For boards of directors, we can implement a complete, up-to-date list of litigation providing a real-time overview of the disputes affecting the business. This reinforces the quality of governance and decreases the risk of triggering directors’ and officers’ liability.

A unique suite of services. Measurable and proven results.

The innovative structure of Delegatus – Lawyers Collective is tailored to offer a unique litigation management solution.

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