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In-house legal services: a growing solution

To improve the performance of their company’s legal affairs, an increasing number of business managers and legal service directors are turning towards our in-house legal services solution.

Our hand-picked lawyers, notaries and paralegals, combining legal expertise with hands-on experience, provide you with a flexible solution to meet your needs. They can integrate quickly into your team and provide all the support you need to achieve your business objectives within deadlines.

Recognized as one of the pioneers of this solution in Canada, Delegatus has completed hundreds of mandates for both large and fast-growing companies, in sectors as varied as financial services, pharmaceuticals, energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, high-tech, etc.

A solution tailored to your needs, projects, challenges and budget

Tell us about your challenges and we’ll work with you to define a customized solution
To ease the pressure on your teams, fill in for sick or parental leave, or access reinforcement during a hiring freeze

Cover for a lack of resources or a planned or unplanned leave of absence

To entrust your legal strategy and issues to a dedicated lawyer for a few days a week or a month

Add a lawyer to your management team

For temporary reinforcement during acquisitions, integration, business transformation, major litigation or other large-scale projects

Get temporary help for your special projects

To get help with cutting-edge expertise or implement new processes required by legislative changes

Fill a gap in your company’s expertise

To reduce the pile of important but non-urgent files or to put out fires of urgent cases

Accomplish your business objectives

To reduce your costs and improve management of your budget, internal resources, and business strategy

Control your expenses on external legal services

We combine experience and accessibility

Experience in know-how and interpersonal skills

  • A human and agile approach through the integration of our professionals as partners and collaborators within your team
  • Practical on-site experience
  • A business vision, strategic thinking, and clear communication
  • Solutions that integrate into your company, your teams, and, if needed, your technological environment

An approach tailored to your company’s reality and needs

  • In-house legal services by solo, duo or even large team according to your needs
  • Mandates with variable durations ranging from a few weeks to several years
  • Hourly banks or, flat rate, daily, or weekly pricing
  • Rate 30% to 50% cheaper than of traditional large firms
  • Zero compromise on quality

A unique approach

Choosing a Delegatus lawyer, notary or paralegal means gaining an experienced partner who is motivated to work with you. Our lawyers, notaries and paralegals bring their expertise and efficiency to the core of your business.

Answers to your questions

Does the lawyer become an employee of my company?

When you use the services of Delegatus, you are working with entrepreneurial professionals who have chosen to work in complete freedom. In this way, our professionals retain their autonomy and professional independence. Delegatus is not an employment agency, and entrepreneurs do not become your employees. They are not entitled to the benefits offered to people employed by your organization.

Can the lawyer work from the company's offices?

Everything depends on your needs! Our lawyers can work from your offices, Delegatus’ offices or from home. We suggest that you have an open discussion to determine the best method of working to your mutual satisfaction.

Does the lawyer who joins my team have to use our technological tools?

Our lawyers are flexible and technologically agile. This means they can integrate with your technological environment if this facilitates collaboration. However, this is not a prerequisite, and we always make sure we find the solution that best suits your needs.

Is the nature and duration of the mandate determined in advance, or can it evolve over time?

The nature and duration of the mandate are agreed in advance in a service contract. As the mandate evolves, the nature and duration of the mandate can also evolve.

You seem to meet my needs, but how can I be sure?

Nothing beats talking it over with us. Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs and challenges. This should allow you to choose the solution that fits the needs of your business and your team.

You’ll love the Delegatus approach

Our lawyers combine private practice experience with a deep understanding of the business world. You’ll benefit from their legal expertise and business acumen. 


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See all our legal professionals

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