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Intellectual property

Management of your intellectual property assets

Intellectual property is one of your company’s most important acquired assets. That is to say that its processes and know-how are often what gives it its value, both current and future. So why not ensure that these intangible goods are managed with expertise so that they preserve all of their value?

We help protect your assets

The experienced lawyers in our intellectual property team offer your managers strategic guidance. They help you find answers to a variety issues, including on the following questions:

  • What type of licence needs to be provided to a distributor?
  • How can we protect software?
  • Does a new medication need to be patented across the globe?
  • Are the provisions in this trademark contract acceptable?
  • Do the references to copyright in my promotional documents comply to regulations?
  • How do I use this image in my advertisements?
  • Do I have to get any kind of permission to play this song at my place of business?
Guidance at every step of the way
  • Due diligence in the context of commercial transactions.
  • From the idea to the marketing, we establish the appropriate strategy with you and various experts.
  • We draft, review and negotiate various agreements affecting your intellectual property assets, including asset valuation and software licenses, license agreements, distribution agreements and rights assignments.

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