Advisory services

A proactive and strategic approach to your legal challenges

Seek advice from lawyer-entrepreneurs and certified partners who are committed to the success of your business.

Legal support tailored to today’s realities

In line with our vision of rethinking, reinventing, and evolving the practice of law, we continually adapt our legal services to align with the ever-changing realities of society.

Today, the practice of law is different. The expertise of lawyers, the way things are done, and the value added by legal services are all changing.

Staying abreast with the latest developments in their areas of expertise, our legal professionals will assist you with legal advisory services and build strategies tailored to your needs and your business, whether you are a small or midsize enterprise, SME or an established company.

We combine strategy and performance

Helping you succeed

Our business lawyers address the most critical legal risks and become accomplices in your success. By prioritizing a human-centered and agile approach, they use tools and methodologies tailored to your business.

Choosing Delegatus means choosing committed and proactive business partners to support you in legal advisory services and better protect your business.

An efficient and human-centered approach tailored to your business reality:

  • Experienced business lawyers
  • Sustainable, scalable, and evolving solutions
  • Vision and systemic approach
  • Pragmatic and focused on prevention, sound management, and performance
  • Hour banks or billing by hourly rate, flat rate, mandate stage, performance targets achieved

Discover our solutions

Proactive management of legal risks, compliance, and audits

Several factors need to be considered and evaluated to ensure the sound management and optimal performance of a company. Whether your organization is well-established or growing, discover the solutions we have developed to quickly and effectively manage your legal risks.

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Optimizing the efficiency of a legal department

Whether your legal needs are increasing, or you want to maximize the efficiency of your department, rely on the knowledge, tools, and understanding of our professionals to help you achieve your goals.

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Setting up a legal department

Our lawyers will assist you in creating an efficient legal function aligned with your strategic objectives, recruiting lawyers with the right expertise, transforming synergy between your various business departments, implementing processes to make teams efficient, and automating some processes.

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Legal consulting services for a safe and successful workplace

Whether to support, structure, and optimize your human resources department, prevent, investigate, or resolve a delicate situation within your team, or train your managers and employees, we offer high-quality legal services.

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Litigation management & internal investigations

The reputational and financial risks associated with litigations make their management a priority, as well as internal investigations to understand the exact picture of your cases. Minimize your risks and relieve the burden on your teams by turning to our professionals.

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