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A motivated and productive workforce is the core of any healthy and successful business. Whether you need guidance to structure and optimize your human resources department, prevent, investigate, or resolve a delicate situation within your team, or provide training to your managers and employees, we offer high-quality legal services.

Our team has extensive experience in various areas of law, including regulatory affairs, administrative law, labour law, conflict resolution, and human resources.

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Workplace investigations

Following the filling of a complaint regarding psychological or sexual harassment or any misconduct, we handle the investigation process from the outset to the end. After our analysis, recommendations can be provided based on the process’s outcome.

  • Meeting with the client, the complainant, the subject of the complaint, and the identified witnesses
  • Information gathering
  • Conducting the investigation, drafting an investigation report, and a management report with recommendations
  • Ensuring the process is impartial, independent, and confidential
Assessment of the organizational climate

In the event that a problem arises within your team, we conduct a diagnostic of your organization’s or department’s organizational climate.

  • Determine and identify the individuals to be interviewed during the diagnostic
  • Conduct interviews and diagnostic analysis
  • Information gathering
  • Develop diagnostic tools and instruments
  • Prepare an analysis report, present the results including recommendations, and develop an action plan
Due diligence related to employee management and the work environment

We assess and optimize your labour and human resources law practices, ensuring your organization complies with legal obligations, including anti-spam legislation and the Charter of the French Language. We also ensure your organization possesses the relevant policies, procedures, and processes.

  • Supervise the gradation of disciplinary and administrative measures
  • Evaluate and draft an employee handbook and various regulations, policies, and directives for human resources management
  • Ensure compliance with anti-spam legislation
  • Ensure compliance with the Charter of the French Language
  • Analyze and revise employment contracts, if necessary
Mediation, dispute resolution, and complaint management

Our neutral, impartial, and confidential services apply to all workers, including employees, managers, executives, and high-level executives. We help you prevent conflicts and offer personalized assistance according to your needs to maintain a healthy work environment.

  • Prevent the escalation of conflicts among workers
  • Provide an environment to fill a request for assistance, get information, or discuss a conflicting situation
  • Provide a resource to help prevent and resolve disputes and maintain a safe work environment
  • Offer a direct assistance service
Training for employers and employees

We can provide training on various topics such as labour law, psychological and sexual harassment in the workplace, cybersecurity, and any other relevant area in your offices or virtually.

  • Develop tailored training
  • Organize question sessions within an organization for employees

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