Governance and ethics

Quebec and Canadian companies, including international organizations operating in Canada and non-profit organizations, face a diverse and ever-evolving set of challenges related to governance.

Solutions for your corporate governance and ethics challenges

We can guide you toward the best governance practices:

  • Board of directors’ operations
  • Conflicts within a board of directors or management
  • Shareholder rights
  • Management practices
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Lobbying

We can advise you on ethical issues:

  • Ethical or financial compliance
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Fraud and corruption
  • Serious misconduct
  • Psychological harassment in the workplace

The solution lies in our wealth of experience

Delegatus’ seasoned business lawyers have the experience and skills to help you overcome corporate governance challenges and ethical issues while assisting you in legislative and regulatory compliance.

Our professionals have all the necessary skills to review or draft all your company’s policies, guidelines, procedures, and regulations, such as the code of ethics for directors, delegation of authority regulations, internal rules, and more.

They have been advising and assisting clients like you on governance and ethics matters for many years, serving as both external and internal advisors. They will support you at every stage, whether in prevention, crisis management, or consulting.

The solution to meet demanding regulations

We develop innovative solutions to create value within your organization:

  • Optimization of governance practices and processes from a value creation perspective
  • Coaching for new board officers
  • Support for strategic planning
  • Development of compliance and accountability tools tailored to your corporate structure
  • Monitoring and regulatory compliance

With us by your side, you experience sound corporate leadership:

  • Assistance in planning and coordinating board activities
  • Holding board and shareholder meetings
  • Preparing minutes
  • Drafting mandates describing committee responsibilities
  • Preparing documents required by securities authorities, such as circulars and annual reports

Comprehensive support at every critical stage

  • Audits
  • Analyses
  • Risk assessments and identification
  • Implementation and development of action and transformation plans
Crisis Management
  • Support for internal teams
  • Development or enhancement of corporate secretariats and governance issues
  • Ethical remediation
  • Representation before regulatory authorities
  • Litigation management
  • Investigations

Business law.

Only better.

We listen to your needs! Delegate your legal mandates and issues to us with confidence, and you will understand the Delegatus difference.