Programme écoresponsableMC

Sustainability charter

Our eco-friendly vision – 2035

This Charter testifies to the commitment of the Delegatus Collective to integrate the principles of sustainable development into all spheres of the company’s activity, from strategic decision-making to day-to-day operations, in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The strength of the Collective

By constantly innovating and considering all stakeholders, Delegatus is an agent of change within the business community and society at large. Thanks to its innovative business model, combined with its strong, human and collaborative culture, the company continues to practice the right to be legally happy, for the benefit of its clients, lawyers, employees and the community.

By respecting its original values – boldness, flexibility, autonomy, collegiality and entrepreneurship – and thanks to the powerful awareness-raising and co-training work carried out with universities and various organizations in the legal community, the company has contributed to the redefinition of the legal profession and the traditional legal firm structure, and leads the development of tomorrow’s lawyer, who is even more human, freer and happier, closer to society, businesses and people, while having integrated technology as a tool.

Thanks to Delegatus, the legal world has reaffirmed its position as the best spokesperson for human values, influencing not only the legal sector, but also the wider business community and public authorities to evolve their practices so that they put people and the importance of being happy at the heart of decisions and actions.

By implementing an exemplary policy of sustainable development and resilience, manifested notably in its principles of cooperation, collaboration and co-competition, the company has revolutionized its industry while continuing to grow. Our inspiring business model is replicated around the world, one collective of lawyers at a time, for a universal, inclusive and egalitarian right to be happy.

What drives us: The right to be legally happy!

We want to help business practices evolve with a human and collaborative approach, free of ego and hierarchy, that favors entrepreneurship, balance and the strength of the collective. A model created for the benefit of clients, lawyers and employees alike.

Our commitment

  • Measure and improve the level of commitment and happiness of our team members and the satisfaction of our customers
  • Improving the social benefits of our economic and social activities
  • Encourage all employees and lawyers to adhere to our orientations
  • Influencing and cooperating with our internal and external stakeholders
  • Improving our environmental footprint

We are also committed to maintaining an Eco-friendly Committee and to allocating the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of our Strategic Eco-friendly Plan. Management will assess the progress of the Strategic Eco-friendly Plan at least once a year, make the necessary adjustments to facilitate its implementation, and ensure the link with its business strategy.

Finally, we are committed to complying with the legal regulations of the countries and territories in which we operate.

Our values

Our values influence our everyday life. They help us build, enjoy our work, define tomorrow’s practices, listen to our instincts, and succeed
We are rebellious, audacious and independent human beings

Different and proud to be

We value collaboration and the sharing of ideas, without hierarchy, titles, or status

As equals, without big egos

We enjoy contributing to the success of everyone by always giving our best

Dedicated to excellence

We aspire to let everyone decide how to balance their personal and professional life in their own way

Oddly balanced, free, and happy

We act to make a difference for our colleagues, clients, and the community

Determined to create an impact in the community

Our strategic orientations

Our actions will be inspired by the following strategic orientations, which will guide us in the implementation of our eco-friendly vision strategy.

To constantly evolve our company, in the service of people – clients, lawyers, employees and the community

Integrate environmental aspects into our practices and reduce our impact

Raising the profile of our business model to significantly increase our social impact

Reaffirming our human and collaborative culture in the context of hypergrowth

We take this charter seriously

This charter applies to all employees and lawyer-entrepreneurs. Delegatus also encourages its suppliers, clients and strategic partners to adopt environmentally responsible practices that integrate the principles of sustainable development.

The adoption of this charter has been effective since March 1st 2020.