Technology, privacy and cybersecurity

Information technology is an integral part of every business, regardless of its maturity or sector. To remain competitive, it’s crucial to adapt to the ever-evolving technology landscape and the accompanying regulations, especially in the realm of cybersecurity and privacy.

Our solution to the challenges of technological advancement

The key for any business looking to tackle these challenges: work with professionals who know the applicable laws and have a deep understanding of the realities of technology.

Efforts are underway worldwide to strengthen cybersecurity and reduce the risks of cyberattacks and privacy breaches. Whether it is to follow best practices or obtain certifications like ISO 27001 and SOC II Type II, our lawyers have developed corporate policies and procedures in this area.

They work to ensure ongoing compliance with PIPEDA, GDPR, and HIPA’s various state privacy laws for Canadian businesses and international clients doing business in Canada, the United States, and the European Union.

Your partner in risk management

Our lawyers are well-versed legal experts who partner with technology, privacy, crisis management, and litigation specialists to advise you on all aspects related to personal information protection and cybersecurity.

Data protection: a critical issue

Our experienced lawyers help you establish the best strategies tailored to your situation:

  • Provide concrete legal solutions to address the challenges posed by complex federal and provincial laws on personal information and data protection in Quebec and Canada, including Bill 25 and the Anti-Spam Law
  • Develop comprehensive cybersecurity strategies aligned with your main objectives to prevent data privacy breaches and respond to potential incidents
  • Implement effective measures for prevention or response to privacy incidents involving personal information
  • Provide support for cyber risk management and intervention in the event of a cyber incident

We can offer advice on:

  • Personal information protection programs that comply with the requirements of Bill 25: An Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information (also known as Bill 64)
  • Advice on the collection and management of personal information
  • Online advertising, including programmatic and behavioral advertising
  • Drafting privacy policies and internal policies for personal information management
  • Reviewing, drafting, and negotiating clauses and contracts related to personal information, including confidentiality agreements and Data Processing Agreements
  • Conducting regulatory compliance audits

Technological advancement: our experience and knowledge at your fingertips

The field of technology encompasses various aspects in addition to privacy and cybersecurity. Our experienced team offers thoughtful guidance and advice:

  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Document preservation
  • Acquisition of technology companies
  • Outsourcing and supply contracts
  • Technology company financing
  • E-commerce
  • Terms and conditions
  • Regulatory compliance regarding consumer protection

The Technology, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Team

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