Litigation management and internal investigations

Protect your business by preventing and acting promptly in the event of litigation

As the head of your company’s legal department, you are the guardian of the company’s reputation. Litigation arising from compliance with laws and regulations, contractual relationships, as well as business operations and practices, increases the level of reputational and financial risk for your company.

To limit the unforeseen consequences of legal disputes, our professionals will map out the elements of risk and advise you on their management. They will also support you in conducting internal investigations by providing an accurate picture of the situation.

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Litigation Management

A comprehensive analysis is required to optimize the management of your legal disputes and prevent them. Our professionals work closely with senior executives, boards of directors, and legal departments.

To help you minimize the risks of litigation, they conduct an exhaustive analysis of your company’s processes and identify the specific causes of recurring disputes. They also assist you in implementing mechanisms to resolve these disputes before they are seen as judicialized.

Internal Investigations

Our professionals guide you through the steps related to an internal investigation and help you gather information when you want to initiate, prepare for, or respond to legal proceedings and requests following interrogations.

This will allow you to obtain an accurate picture of the internal file to properly assess the resulting risks.

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