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Area of practice

Mediation and arbitration

Conflict resolution

We know that it can sometimes be strategically important to resolve a case and avoid the court system. In business, there are numerous benefits to considering alternative dispute resolution methods for all concerned parties.

Negotiated solutions that generate results

Our lawyers place particular importance on non-conventional methods for resolving disputes and preventing conflicts. We focus on negotiated settlements that satisfy all parties involved and which reduce the inconveniences related to traditional legal proceedings.

We work with you to build strategies that evolve toward the following methods of conflict resolution:



Amicable dispute resolution

Legal settlement conferences


We represent you in all types of trade dispute:



Our approach promotes satisfactory negotiations

Our expertise is tailored to your needs and allows us to find the best solution:

  • Arbitration support
  • Arbitration management
  • Neutral Assessment
  • Mediator or secretary of court of arbitration

All of our professionals have a human and inclusive approach that is focused on the added value they can bring you. Throughout the mediation process, we gather the best professionals to provide the parties with impartial and objective insight and to facilitate satisfactory mutual negotiations. This approach fosters dialogue and the creation of pragmatic solutions.

Sceau médiateur - Ministère Justice

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