Determined to succeed in both her professional and personal life

Pascale Pageau, like many business lawyers following a traditional path, began her career at prestigious law firms. Full of ambition, she lived life in the fast lane and relished the challenges that pushed her to excel. With the arrival of her first child and while expecting her second, she paused for the first time and began to contemplate what was most important to her: achieving success in her professional life or her personal life?

Motivated by her dream of achieving it all and fueled by her rebellious spirit, she desired more freedom to choose how to live her life. She sought to create a schedule that would accommodate both her professional and personal aspirations without having to compromise anything.

She aimed to succeed in every aspect of her life. She began to dream of a new business model that combined the collegiality and prestige of a major law firm with the concepts of freedom and flexibility from independent entrepreneurs. She pondered a model that could make the most demanding business clients happy while respecting the ambitions of lawyers thirsting for freedom, just like her.

Determined to find a solution, she consulted other lawyers in law firms, in-house counsel, as well as numerous entrepreneurs and other business clients. Through these discussions, two questions emerged:

  • If you could completely redesign legal services and law firms, what would you do differently?
  • What would make you happy, as a lawyer and as a client?

And she listened. Delegatus was born.

Pioneer and leader in NewLaw in Quebec

Delegatus’ business model is built around three key pillars: freedom and self-determination, human values, and a collaborative approach among colleagues and with clients. This concept, revolving around NewLaw, completely disrupted the traditional model that dominated the legal industry at the time.

This unique business model empowers lawyers to take control of their practice. It’s a win-win model that finally grants all of us the right to be genuinely happy. A model that values both professional and personal life success equally.

From the very beginning, Delegatus’ innovative concept was recognized, and the recognitions continue to pour in, both in Quebec and across Canada. Now, more than ever, our collective insight combines with our passion, driving us to seek new ways of doing and succeeding that will always better align everyone’s interests. Because everyone benefits from being happier in business.

The aspirations of clients and lawyers have shaped Delegatus since 2005, the Delegatus of today, and will continue to shape the Delegatus of tomorrow.

Today, with more than 50 lawyers, the Collective is considered a pioneer and leader in NewLaw in Quebec.

Our vision

(Re) Question. Reinvent. Evolve. For you, for us, for the collectivity. And, above all, to give ourselves the right to be happy!

Business law.

Only better.

Delegatus: from latin « delegare ». Meaning: to delegate, entrust. Delegate your legal needs or the management of your practice to us with confidence, and you will understand the Delegatus difference.