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Advisory services

Choose our legal optimization consulting services

Proactive risk management

We identify you legal risks and assist you in setting up a management strategy.

Integrating a legal resource

We assess your legal support needs and accelerate the recruitment and integration of your new resource.

Strategic advice in optimization

We support you in the implementation of strategies to optimize your budget or your legal department.

Consolidating the value of the company

We minimize transactional risk and guide you in implementing a strategy to maximize the transaction price.

We combine strategy and performance

Choosing Delegatus means opting for consulting services to better protect your business.

By addressing the most critical legal risks, our business lawyers will become your valued allies in your success. Your company wins on all fronts.

Proactive and experienced business lawyers

Sustainable and scalable solutions

Allows you to reduce your external legal services costs

Highly competitive pricing without compromising on quality

You will like the Delegatus approach

An efficient and human approach that fits with your business’s reality.

Lawyer-entrepreneurs and certified partners who, above and beyond law, care about the optimization of your legal services and your business’s success. Take advantage of this solution’s accessibility.

Lawyers who have a holistic vision and approach

Pragmatic and focused on prevention, sound management and performance

A human and agile approach

Effective tools and unique methodology

Simple, predictable and flexible billing methods

Hour banks or billing by hourly rate, flat rate, mandate stage, performance targets achieved

Committed lawyers.
Strategic partners.


At Delegatus, clients collaborate with experienced lawyers and certified partners, according to the type of expertise required, to establish a genuine business relationship.

Provide your company with committed and proactive business partners.

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