Government relations consulting services

In an ever-changing socio-economic landscape, government decisions have a major impact on the Canadian economy. In this context, companies operating in Quebec, as well as in the rest of Canada, are well advised to adopt a government relations strategy. 

Experience-based advice 

When a company or organization seeks to advance its interests by supporting or opposing legislative or regulatory proposals, it is essential that it establishes solid relationships with government bodies. However, you need the right support to successfully navigate your way through the machinery of government. 

Delegatus’ government relations consulting professionals have over a decade of experience in senior management positions within government bodies and have worked with government officials as lawyers or consultants. Their experience enables them to support companies, organizations and their associations in defining objectives, strategic planning and managing the risks arising from legislative and regulatory changes. 

A strategic partner 

In addition to their legal expertise, our team offers strategic support and advice to companies, organizations and their associations, acting as facilitators in the development and implementation of government relations strategies. This includes accompanying the client at every stage in the legislative process, regulation making, or policy development. With their astute political sense and experience, they understand the interests of the various stakeholders and ensure strategic support and advice for their clients, including during individual or public consultations with government officials.  

With their in-depth knowledge, they also help companies with legislative and regulatory compliance to minimize their business risks. 

Our services to support you

To inspire best practices

  • Help develop and implement strategic government relations plans  
  • Represent and support companies during government consultations on new laws, regulations or policies  
  • Draft briefs on proposed legislation, regulations or policies  
  • Advise on the potential impact of new laws or regulations on different industries 
  • Coordinate and consult with stakeholders, associations, trade unions, local communities, citizens, businesses and others 

To ensure a successful implementation

  • Develop action plans for the implementation of new laws and regulations 
  • Draft and revise new internal policies and procedures 
  • Analyze and make recommendations on the company’s legislative and regulatory compliance