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Litigation management & internal investigations

Know where you stand...

Optimize your risk management, your operations and your performance.

As the executive in charge of your organization’s legal affairs, knowing where you stand on litigation is a daily challenge.

Legal and regulatory compliance, contractual relationships, transactions and business practices risk triggering legal disputes that can be expensive in terms of resources, time and money, if they are not well managed.

The key is having a clear and up to date picture of your litigation risks to know exactly where you stand.

A unique suite of services. Measurable and proven results. The innovative structure of Delegatus – Lawyers Collective is tailored to offer a unique litigation management and internal investigation solution.

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Litigation Management

An innovative service. Experienced lawyers who help you understand, manage and even prevent litigation generated by the commercial activity of your business.

Concrete benefits

  • Strategic: know when to act
  • Prevention: improve your performance
  • Financial performance
Internal investigations

Get an accurate picture of internal matters to assess risks and make the right decisions.

Delegatus offers a customized solution to take the burden off your already busy team. Our skilled, experienced lawyers will handle your internal investigations, gather complete and relevant information, and sort it before providing it to your external litigation counsel.

The Delegatus approach
  • Complete - Methodical - Rigorous
  • Measurable benefits

Do you need help with internal investigations? Take 2 minutes to complete our diagnostic: click here

Your expert in Litigation management and internal investigations: Sophie Barry

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