January 22, 2024

Novalex joins Delegatus: a powerful alliance to accelerate the rise of New Law

Delegatus is pleased to welcome the law firm Novalex and its team to the Collective, empowering it to further advance the modernization of the legal services industry.

Recognized as a leading firm both for its teams’ expertise in business law, litigation, intellectual property and employment law, as well as for its unique and socially impactful model, Novalex will enhance the strength of Delegatus, established as a pioneer of New Law in Quebec and a leader for the expertise of its top-level team of business and in-house lawyers. Driven by human-centric values, Delegatus and Novalex will jointly pursue their common goal of changing the culture of law for the benefit of clients, legal professionals and the community.

A total of 21 legal professionals and 7 employees from Novalex are joining the Collective, bringing the total number of individuals working within Delegatus to 92, including 72 lawyers, a notary and paralegals, and 20 support team members. The arrival of these teams will enable Delegatus to serve a wider range of clients by providing additional resources in different legal areas, and strengthening the handling of traditional mandates, while maintaining Delegatus’ niche practices such as in-house legal services and advisory services.


“I am very proud that Novalex has chosen Delegatus to continue its professional journey. By welcoming the Novalex team, the Collective continues to grow and evolution by integrating strong working teams capable of supporting clients in complex mandates requiring multiple resources, such as mergers and acquisitions or large-scale litigation. The arrival of these professionals reflects the alignment of Delegatus’ business model with the needs of today’s clients and lawyers. Thanks to the strength of our inspiring teams, together, we will go higher and further in the modernization of legal services”, Pascale Pageau Ad. E., President and Founder of Delegatus.

“Throughout our meetings, we realized that we shared several common ambitions and that our union would benefit all of our stakeholders. In Delegatus, we find a partner that embodies excellence in the delivery of legal services and a desire to create positive societal change, goals we have pursued since our launch in 2016. By joining the Collective, we will continue to reinvent the private practice of law,” Ryan Hillier, Co-Founder and CEO of Novalex, who has been appointed Strategic Advisor to the President of Delegatus.

“It was important for the Novalex team to continue practicing in a supportive environment aligned with our values. By joining Delegatus, we can pursue our aspirations in an inspiring and human-centric Collective. I am especially proud to be appointed the Collective’s first ever social impact lead. In this new role, I will infuse my experience and expertise in social and environmental issues to propel Delegatus even further in its mission to change the culture of law”, Sophie Tremblay, Co-founder of Novalex, who will now serve as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Social Impact at Delegatus.