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Legal services for the gaming industry

Our gaming lawyers can provide you with on-demand legal services tailored to your specific business needs

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Are you a company operating in the gaming industry and in need of high quality and practical legal advice? At Delegatus, we can help you. Our lawyers have the expertise and industry-specific knowledge to partner up with your organization on a wide range of matters affecting the gaming industry. We provide companies with alternative human-centric legal services designed for rapidly growing organizations as well as well-established and mature organizations.

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry, we understand the challenges you and your business may face. Our gaming lawyers can provide you with on-demand legal services tailored to your specific business needs.

Whether you need help with urgent matters due to an unexpected surge in volume, require legal support regarding a specific matter, seek to secure your intellectual property or brand, engage in inbound or outbound licensing, or handle a variety of bespoke or commercial engagements, we will assess your situation and provide you with actionable legal services.

Our services

Our team of lawyers offer a wide range of legal services tailored to the gaming industry, helping you navigate the complex maze of legal issues that you may encounter.

Corporate and commercial engagements

Cybersecurity, data privacy, and data protection

Dealing with independent developers and publishers

Establishment of internal policies and procedures relating to IT, privacy, data protection, and IP protection

Intellectual property, copyrights, and brand protection

Legal services related to virtual and augmented reality

Licensing-in and Licensing-out agreements, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and related agreements

Managed services, Referral agreements, Value-Added Resellers

Professional services and consulting services

Regulatory compliance, CASL computer program installation and anti-spyware, online advertisement and monetization, consumer protection, and anti-spam legislation

Subcontracting agreements, development services, teaming agreements, and strategic partnerships

Bespoke agreements designed to meet your unique requirements

A seasoned team with a wealth of experience in the gaming industry

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