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Legal Optimization Consulting Services

Legal optimization consulting services designed for all stages of growth of Quebec businesses

Support at every stage of growth

Economic conditions, the integration of new technologies, labour scarcity and supply issues are forcing business leaders to deal with increased risks and the many legal challenges that come with them.

In this complex world, our team can help you grow your business by obtaining a balance between your business risks and the costs of legal services.


Prioritization. Recommendation. Action.

Opt for proactive management of your legal risks

We provide you with a 360° view of your legal risks and assist you in setting up a management strategy to maximize the value of your business.

Tame your legal expenses

We align your budget with your strategic legal matters and propose a strategy to optimize your expenses in order to reduce them.

Target the right legal resources and accelerate their onboarding

We assess your legal support needs and recommend the best solution. If you’re looking to hire a legal resource, we’ll guide you through every step of recruitment and onboarding to speed it up.

Maximize the efficiency of your legal department

We identify the value-added activities and the operational challenges of your department and propose an optimization strategy to make it more efficient.

Consolidate the value of your business by preparing for upcoming due diligence activities

Are you thinking of selling your business or one of its divisions? We identify the legal risks that could negatively impact its value and implement a mitigation strategy to maximize the transaction price.

Our team can help you take back control of your legal affairs!

Find a legal professional
Find a legal professional