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Leasing agreements

Whether your business operates in the construction industry, the medical industry or any other sector requiring heavy equipment, our experts will put their knowledge to good use in advising you on this profitable financing agreement.

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Lease financing can be an attractive financing method depending on your business context, particularly when it comes to acquiring heavy or stationary machinery without having to incur large-scale initial costs. To ensure that the agreement meets your needs and to demystify any inquisition of a legal nature, it may be useful to call on the services of a legal advisor.

Our legal professionals clarify the legal issues involved in leasing in order to enable you to make well-informed decisions, and offer to represent you in negotiations to ensure a contract tailored to your financial and legal circumstances.

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Representation and assistance

  • Assistance, representation and negotiation
  • Drafting and correction of key leasing clauses
  • Drafting of master and ancillary agreements
  • Drafting of ancillary agreements

Security interest

  • Research into mortgage registrations and guarantees
  • Assistance and representation mortgage assignment matters
  • Registration (and/or deletion) of rights in the appropriate registers
  • Drafting of ancillary agreements and arrangements