Business Law
September 15, 2022

Curious about your business’ Legal Maturity Index?

The Legal Maturity IndexTM is an indicator that tells us about a business’ level of exposure to legal risks. This data can be very useful for a small business (SME) that does not have a legal advisor on board. As a general rule, the more management regulates common legal risks, the less the business will be exposed to negative impacts on its finances, operations and reputation.While many risks can have legal repercussions, not all of them are necessarily legal in nature. Legal risk is the manifestation of non-compliance with legal standards external to the business (eg. laws, regulations, property rights held by third parties) and internal legal standards (eg. contracts, code of ethics) within the framework of its activities.The calculation of the Legal Maturity IndexTM consists of identifying the level at which your business is situated in order to develop a tailor-made risk management strategy.If you are curious about your business’ Legal Maturity IndexTM, answer the questions of our Delegatus Legal BarometerTM. The index score will reveal the level of risk exposure of your business. At the same time, you will learn about the policies, plans and programs that form the basis of sound legal risk management.Whether your Maturity Index is low or high, Delegatus can assist you in implementing a strategy to minimize your exposure to risk and your legal costs.