Regulatory affairs and administrative law

Companies and professionals in Quebec and throughout Canada are evolving in a complex legislative and regulatory context that is ever changing.

A significant reality to consider

Our lawyers, notaries and paralegals in regulatory affairs and in administrative law advise and guide professionals and businesses of all sizes that are facing regulation compliance challenges. The regulations that affect the business sector constitute a significant reality to be handled with careful consideration:

  • Regulation of financial markets
  • Regulations related to environmental protection
  • Regulatory frameworks that are specific to various professions
  • Other highly regulated sectors

Our professionals help you maintain compliance as regulations evolve.

Legal advice that is tailored to your business reality

We offer your teams all of our collaboration in matters of prevention and consulting as well as disputes before the various regulatory bodies and administrative tribunals in cases of expropriation, regulatory infractions, permit applications and others.

The Regulatory Affairs and Administrative Law Team

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Find a legal professional

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